Find above the links to Weapons Licencing for all PTA, New Licence aplication & Renew a Weapons Licence or ask us to submit the application for you at the time of purchase.

The purpose of the 2017 National Firearms Amnesty is to provide the public with an opportunity to register or surrender previously unregistered firearms. The Amnesty will be in effect from 1 July, 2017 to 30 September, 2017.


Opening Hours
Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tusday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1:00pm
Sunday Apointment


East Coast Firearms is now offering the following services.

General repairs

Bedding rifles


Restoration of firearms

Firearms Clean + Service
General cleaning, service and maintanence on any firearm.

Pricing from $25

Minimum 24 hours required.

Extensive Cleaning Service offered (rust removal, barrel fouling removal)
Pricing upon inspection

UltrasonicSonic Cleaning Service.
Clean your Handguns, Rifle Bolts, (unbarreled) Actions, and miscelaneous firearms parts.
Pricing from $40
Min 24 hours.
Includes high pressure air dry and re-lubrication. Size Limitations give call for more information.

Recoil Pad Fitting
New recoil pad.
Pricing starts $50.
This price dose not include pad.
Cut stock to desired length (additional costs apply)
Time frame varies.

Scope Mounting & Alignment.
The rings are aligned properly to eliminate undue stress on the scope.
We also offer ring lapping for the discriminating shooter.
The scope will be positioned so that the eye relief is correct and the crosshairs are level.
Both eye relief and crosshair position can be somewhat of a personal setting.
We’ll allow you to shoulder the gun and set each to your taste.
Base, ring and windage screws are torqued properly.
Every scope is boresighted.

Boresighting aligns the crosshairs with the bore and ensures that you have enough adjustment when zeroing.
We finish up by wiping down your firearm with quality gun oil so that you know it’s protected.
All rifle scopes are mounted in house.
We will tailor a mounting package to suit your requirements.
Pricing Varies call for more information.
Minimum 24 hours required.

Premium Sighting-in Service
We can sight in your rifle for you.
Ammunition not incuded in pricing
4 days Minimum Required.
Pricing upon Inspection/Application