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Hot Bluing & Rust Bluing

When most people think about gun bluing, they picture the black-oxide coating (bluing) found on modern firearms from the factory.
This form of bluing firearms is refereed to as Hot Bluing and has been used by most manufacturers since the early 1900's.
The black coating is is achieved by boiling the prepared steel parts in a chemical solution that controls the oxidization process resulting in the rich black gun bluing.
Hot bluing is not recommended on any firearm with soft-soldered components.
Virtually all double shotguns made prior to World War II are soft-soldered and should be Rust Blued.Hot Bluing
Firearm refinishing is one of the most rewarding phases of the Gunsmithing work.
Few Gunsmithing operations are as gratifying as seeing a rusted and badly abused firearm turned into a beautiful, rich, blue-black finished firearm.

Hot Bluing
For those unfamiliar with the firearm bluing operation, the process is like magic. It turns a worn firearm into one that looks brand new. At ECF we know that the process is not an act of magic. But rather, is accomplished by a masterful job of brightly polishing all the surfaces, keeping the corners sharp, and not funneling the screw holes.
We make certain the firearm is thoroughly degreased and rinsed before being put into the bluing solution the results are rewarding a perfect blue-black finish on the steel that will last for years.
We take pride in ensuring your firearm is treated with care and in a professional manner. Hot caustic bluing has been around for years and has been used by thousands of gunsmiths, which is why we use it. It is a “tried and true” process that works beautifully and will give the firearm a deep blue black finish that will hold up for years.
The process for Bluing is simply a control over the rusting process. Once the rusting process is stopped with Bluing, it is extremely hard for rust to start again.
Start a rusting process and when the color gets right stop the rusting process, simple right? Not so simple. East Coast Firearms uses an extensive process to give our customer the best and most durable finish on their firearms.
The bluing process is the same for a $100.00 gun to a $10,000 gun. The only difference is the prep time.

Cold rust bluing is a similar process.
A solution of hydrochloric and nitric acids diluted in distilled water with a small quantity of iron filings added is prepared. As with browning, the parts to be blued are polished and degreased, the exposed surfaces swabbed with the bluing solution, and the part left to stand in a humid location.
After 12 hours, the loose rust is rubbed off with degreased steel wool or a stainless steel wire brush, the surface is recoated with bluing solution and the part is returned to its humid environment.
The process is repeated until a deep blue finish is achieved—which may take from five to 10 days.
Although a very slow process, cold rust bluing produces a deep blue color generally considered to be the most durable kind of bluing. Like browning, it can be used on side-by-side or over/under shotguns with barrels joined by soft solder, which would be corroded by hot bluing solutions.