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Opening Hours
Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tusday: 9am - 5pm
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Saturday: 9am - 1:00pm
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A one stop shop for repairs, blueing, modifications & fully customized guns.

We are dedicated to providing premium gunsmithing with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. 
You can see a extensive listing of the services we provide below.



Finish Hot Blue $150.00
Factory Finish Hot Blue $180.00
Flat-Sided Receivers: Add to above price $50.00
Octagon Barrels: Add to above price $100.00
Slow Rust Blue $300.00

If the metal on your firearm is severely pitted or scratched, a charge of $45.00 per hour will be added for draw-filing to remove the pits and scratches, if possible. $45.00


Factory Finish Hot Blue $275.00
Deluxe Finish Hot Blue $375.00


Factory Finish Hot Blue $275.00
Slow Rust Blue $300.00

Shotguns Pump & Semi-Auto Single-Barrel Shotguns

Matte Finish Hot Blue $300.00
Custom Satin Finish Hot Blue $300.00
Factory Finish Hot Blue $300.00
Deluxe Finish Hot Blue $425.00
Slow Rust Blue $600.00

O/U & SxS Double-Barrel Shotguns

Slow Rust Blue (complete gun) $650.00
Slow Rust Blue (barrels only – required on soft-soldered barrels) $375.00

Wood Refinish

Install Buttpad (pad included in price) $125.00

Clean and Oil (Complete disassembly, cleaning, oiling, and reassembly) $80.00

Pricing for other work

Hourly Rate $45.00
Strip and clean $85.00
Completely strip firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear. $100.00
Ultra-sonic Parts cleaning and oiled $100.00

Site Work

Bore Sighting Gun $35.00
Lap Scope Mounts p/h rate
Drill and Tap Barrel or Receiver for Sights Min per hole $25.00
Install Front/Mid-Rib Shotgun Bead plus bead $45.00
Install Receiver Sights $150.00
Scope Mounting Min $45.00

General barrel, Action and Rifle work

Chamber and Fit Barrel to Action Cut and Crown Barrel $260.00
Remove Fouling from barrel p/h rate
Remove Obstruction form Bore p/h rate

Remove Live Round from Chamber

Remove Stuck Fired Cases from Chamber p/h rate
Make Chamber Cast $80.00
Check Headspace $40.00

Handgun Work

Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job
Clean, smooth action, not including any parts from $300.00

Stock Work

Recutting Checkering - By the Hour Simple Pattern p/h rate
Glass Bedding Barrel & Action Hunting Rifle $125.00 - $150.00
Target Rifle $150.00
Pillars $40.00 + $40.00

Install Recoil Pad

Recoil Pad not included + pad $50.00
Install Sling Swivels cost plus $45.00
Install Stock Cross Bolt $125.00
Inletting and Finishing of Semi-Finished Stock starting $350.00
Not including checkering, recoil pad, special butt plate, grip cap or other attachments

Deactivate Firearm

Deactivate Rifle $200.00
Deactivate Hand Gun $350.00
Install adjustable trigger Plus Trigger $40.00
Trigger Job $50.00
Weld on bolt handle + Handle (not include finishing the metal) $65.00