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Melting Pots

Melting Pots for Home Casting
Two sizes now available, larger sizes made to order:
6” diameter - designed to hold up to 6kg of molten lead-based metal or 4kg of tin-based alloy - pot and windshield is $ 226.00  incl GST.
7” diameter – suitable to melt up to 14 kg lead-based metal or 9.5 kg tin-based alloy - pot and windshield is $ 280.00  incl GST.
Ideal for making jewellery, model soldiers, sinkers, projectiles, fishing lures, chess sets...any hobby that involves melting tin or lead alloys.
Designed to sit over a simple 2-ring gas burner, at the optimum height above the flame, with a shield to keep the flame and heat where needed.
The bottom of the pot is fully rounded so metal can be easily scooped out with a ladle, and there is a bracket to hold a thermometer if required.
Normally a ladle is used to cast from the pot. However, if emptying metal from the pot for storage, you can heat it without the windshield and pour directly from the spout into a mould or tray placed in position. No need to lift it from the bench - just let it rest on the two front legs and use the third as a handle to tip it forward to pour.
These simple pots will last a lifetime and the temperature can be controlled more accurately using a thermometer than with a thermostat which may cut in and out with greater temperature variation than can be maintained by manually adjusting the gas flow.

Price 6" Diameter $226.00

Price 7" Diameter $280.00

Bullet Casting Alloys

After using our bullet metal, you'll never want to work with scrap lead and wheel weights again!
You can eliminate guesswork, with no need for testing and adjusting the mix for variations.
2% tin, 6% antimony, 92% lead in 5kg ingots - known as hardball.

Tin/lead alloys to suit black powder shooters: 1:16, 1:20, 1:25, 1:30 in 5kg ingots Linotype - in 5kg ingots
Pure lead - available in sticks, 5kg ingots or 25 kg ingots.

Price $ 9.13 KG

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Tin High Purity

All tin supplied by Northern Smelters exceeds industry standards, and is available if required with a Certificate of Analysis.
Every batch of tin used by Northern Smelters Pty Ltd is sampled, and tested by an independent NATA approved laboratory to confirm quality of all material we supply.
Ingots – approximately 25 kg Bars – approximately 3kg Sticks – approximately 500gm or 750gm
Pellets – 23 grams - used in electroplating baskets, or for small additions of tin in foundries
Granules – irregularly shaped, from about 3mm to 5mm diameter.
200 gram buttons – exact weight (+/- 5gm) for accurate addition to furnace charge etc.

Price $ Call for price

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Ladles – 2.5”, 3”, or 4” diameter

Price 3" $ 29.00  4" $35.00

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Thermometers: 2 inch dial, 0 - 400 degrees C, 6” stem

Price $ 42.00